Why Green Travel?

FACT: It’s no longer “if” your company will adopt green travel and meeting strategies — but “when”.

FACT: Green concerns have made their way on to the business traveler’s agenda — and more importantly on the their organization’s agenda!

A “Green-to-Green” Mentality is Sweeping Across the B2B Supply Chain…It’s Now Travel’s Turn!

Today, companies are accelerating their efforts to create enterprise-wide sustainability strategies not only to address the climate change issue, but to realize cost savings and position themselves for competitive advantage.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has thus far been predominantly a “top down” initiative – but it has now fallen to the operational level. A “Green-to-Green” mentality is being adopted across the B2B business supply chain, and green travel policies have now become an important part of the CSR mix.

For most organizations, travel is the second largest variable expense. Historically, the three main criteria for determining corporate travel purchases have been cost, security and convenience. But, with many companies accelerating their plans to create enterprise-wide sustainability strategies – “green” is fast becoming another factor in the travel purchase.