What is the essential role of sports in our lives?

What is the essential role of sports in our lives?

July 23, 2018 Off By admin

Most of the kids and teens are spending their almost entire team on the computer and video games. All the time they are busy with their laptops, mobile phones, video games, etc. It makes them inactive, and they become lazy. The computer does not make the individuals fit and healthy. In research, it is proven that most of the students are not active in the classroom and in their life too because of using the computer all the time.

Is it should be a compulsion on playing sports?

Yes, it must be a compulsion on all the students to spend some time on sports too to make them fit and stay healthy. Everyone generally likes games, but when a computer is in front of them, then it’s apparent that they will choose a laptop. A computer has the attractive features which attract the people and make them divert from sports. There must be a fixed time for all to play outdoor activities which makes them fit and healthy, read more on GuidesInsider.

Advantages to play outdoor games

Sports are the very entertaining way to make us fit and helps in stay healthy. Outdoor games have many benefits for our health. Some benefits I will discuss with you, and these are shown below

  • Physical strength

It is the most essential and valuable result for which sports is played. Sports like cricket, badminton, tennis makes us physically fit. Exercise is good for health we all know sports itself is an exercise. Playing sports helps in growing our body very efficiently.

  • Team spirit

Sports teach us how to coordinate with others, and it helps in giving a lesson on unity. A sport is about winning and losing but it helps in making coordination with another player, and it helps in making team spirit.

  • Mental strength

Sports make a person mentally strong. It’s not mandatory that winning is must for any game, so maintain sportsmanship is the best way to mental toughness and success.

  • Build confidence

Sports help in boosting up the self-confidence and make a person personality better. From this, he gets the courage to reflect also and get the power to make decisions.


Everyone should play anyone outdoor game in their life which keeps them stay fit always. It’s natural to get attracted towards the computer and smart phones because we are living in the digital world. But to stay fit and healthy you should play a sport in their life.