What Choosing the Best King Size Mattress Entails

What Choosing the Best King Size Mattress Entails

July 24, 2018 Off By admin

You don’t have to be a king to sleep like a king. A king size mattress is the type of mattress specifically designed to ensure that you sleep and feel like a king in your bedroom. This is the widest size of mattresses available in the market today. Otherwise referred to as an Eastern King or a Standard King, this type of mattress occupies a significant amount of space in a typical bedroom, hence you should be ready with ample space as your first consideration when in the market in search of the best long size mattress for your needs.

Pros of a king size mattress – it provides sufficient sleeping space that would be comfortable for two average sized adults. Days of squeezing and sleeping uncomfortable at night are all gone with these mattresses. So spacious is a king size mattress that you wouldn’t even come in contact with your sleeping partner in the middle of the night. The additional width will also come in handy when the kids decide to jump in during weekends or on holidays. King size mattresses are also ideal for individuals who love sleeping with their pets.

Cons of a king size mattress – because of the large size and the additional width, it may not be a very practical choice if you are single. Further, the dimensions of the mattress may be troubling in tiny rooms, or when carrying the mattresses along corridors, stairs, or hallways. In case you want versatility, your best bet would be to combine two twin XL mattresses instead of purchasing a single king size mattress. The other notable con of a king size mattress is the fact that its bedding is the most expensive. Generally, you would need a minimum of 3 standard size pillows so as to cover the whole width of your king size mattress.

So what should be your considerations when buying this type of mattress? The first is obviously the amount of space available. Before going out shopping for a king size mattress, you might want to carefully measure the amount of floor space available in your bedroom, find more bedding here. If the mattress would compromise on enough space to freely move around in the room, you might want to settle for a smaller size, such as a queen size mattress.

Second consideration would be the level of firmness that you desire. The good news is that you can easily purchase a king size mattress with any desired firmness level. Take the time to search for the most ideal level of firmness for you to be satisfied with your purchase. In addition to firmness level, getting a mattress that is up-to-date, so to speak, should also be top on your priority list. Today, most people go for memory foam mattresses thanks to their ability to give unrivaled body support. The other advantage of a memory foam type of mattress is its added benefit of absorbing motion, meaning that you will not disturb your sleeping partner when tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

With that being said, remember that while the dimensions of these types of mattresses are standard, there are some special designs that have slightly longer dimensions. A perfect example is the famous California king size mattress.