Tomato Plants Nematode Control

Tomato Plants Nematode Control

March 15, 2018 Off By admin

Nematodes are some of the most diverse animal species in the world. There are over 10,000 different species of nematodes and they can be found in almost any part of the world. Most of the time nematodes are harmless and found in the soil. Some are even beneficial in helping with carbon fixation in the soil with is needed for plants to be able to grow. However some nematodes found in the soil can potentially be harmful to plants. The nematodes will attack the root system of the plant.

This can cause a lot of damage to the plant. The root system of a plant is responsible for the structural integrity of the plant, fixing carbon, as well as absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. Therefore if the nematodes start to attack the roots the plant can have serious health problems as they will be unable to get the nutrients they need up into the veins and leaves of the plant. Nematodes are microscopic meaning that are impossible to see without a microscope. Therefore you are going to have to look for tell tale signs of a nematode infestation if you are going to be able to diagnose and treat the nematodes problem. Nematodes thrive off sucking the juices out of plants that are vital to the plants health.

Therefore the nematodes will attach themselves to the roots of tomato plants in order to start to suck the inter vascular fluids from the plants. Therefore in order to perform better nematode tomato plant control you are going to first have to identify the problem. Now the way you are going to have to fight the nematodes is basically a preventive measure. It will be almost impossible for you to treat the entirety of the soil, therefore you are going to have to use the nematodes lack of mobility against them. To do this you must first identify the plants that seem to be battling a nematode infection. After you have identified the infested plant you are going to want to dig a good 4 foot hole around the plant getting all the soil out. You are going to want to wheel barrow this soil far away because it will likely be filled with the dangerous nematodes that will hurt your plants.

Therefore take that infected soil far away from your soil in order to make sure the nematodes dont attack your tomato plants again. After you have a nice big hole where the infected soil once sat you are going to have to get a nice big bag of potting soil from a gardening store. Now you should put this fresh bag of soil into the hole. The soil should be completely free of any dangerous nematodes and you can replant your plant without any worries.