Termite Bond and Termite Letter

Termite Bond and Termite Letter

April 19, 2018 Off By admin

First and foremost, a termite bond is not the same thing as a termite letter!  Termite letters are simple notices of completion that pest control companies give their clients after they have inspected the property.  It is basically an assessment of the damage that has been done to the property in question by the termite infestation (identifying termite damage).  Now that weve cleared that up, we can focus on the real question: what is a termite bond?

A termite bond (also known as a termite contract) can be viewed as a type of insurance.  This insurance is issued by a termite control company to the client, and ensures that the company will take care of any lingering termites that survived the initial termite extermination and the damage they cause, for free.   This contract includes (in most cases) yearly inspections in which the company will investigate whether any termites are still living in the structure.  However, this contract will cost you.  Normally, there is a large up-front fee for the termite bond, and other, smaller annual fees.

However, do not for a second believe that all termite bonds are the same.  In fact, many termite contracts include loop holes that can void the company of its obligations to you, the client.  Thus you must, when choosing a termite bond, look into various aspects of the contract.  First, you must clarify the length of time the bond will last for.  Next, check to see whether the bond limits the coverage to a certain species of termite, such as subterranean termites.  Regarding payments: is there a deductible?  And if so, is it just a one-time deductible?  Also, find out whether the company will be obliged to compensate you for any damages that are incurred during the treatments.  As with entering any contract, it is standard procedure to check the terms of the deal: so dont forget to do it.

The cost of a termite bond often depends upon the area in which you live and the area in which the structure is located.  However, when considering the cost of this valuable insurance, you must realize that the cost of repairs after a termite infestation is far greater.  Also keep in mind that the terms of the contract itself will dictate its cost- no two termite bonds are the same.

All in all, I cannot overstate the importance of acquiring a termite bond.  These simple pieces of paper will help you avert financial disaster in the case that termites wreak havoc on your home or other type of structure.