Physical Termite Barrier

Physical Termite Barrier

March 15, 2018 Off By admin

If you see termites around your house or know you are plagued by a termite infestation then you are going to do all you can to eliminate the spread of these vile creatures. Fortunately there are tons of chemicals you can put down including poison spray and orange oil treatment. However, sometimes you want to see the actual preventive item, which is why you want to use physical termite barriers. Physical Termite barriers work because termites are unable to get through some material. This means if you put this material around some of the termites favorite food, wood, then you can effectively help protect that wood from the termites.

Some items work better to stop termites from getting through.

One such material is mesh. Mesh termite barriers is basically the exact same material screens are made out of except with even smaller holes. Termites are unable to chew their way through this mesh material and the holes are sole small they can squeeze there way through. All of these factors make mesh a wonderful physical termite barrier. However one downfall of mesh is that it must be installed very carefully. Each screen much be hand inspected to make sure no holes are in the mesh. For if there is one hole you can kill the effectiveness of the mesh goodbye. You must also make sure you install the mesh ride next to each of the screens, for if it is off even a centimeter then the termites will swarm through the gap into your home. All of these difficulties make it better to have a professional come in an install the mesh.

Another physical termite barrier is to use gravel. This form of termite prevention can only be enacted when the house is being built. When the foundation is dug you must dig another six inches out. Once this is down that drench will be filled with thousands tiny rock pieces. The pieces will be so small that they will stack together and create almost one solid wall of rock. The termites will be unable to get through this solid rock layer and will therefore not be able to get into your house. This physical termite barrier is extremely effective and a lot harder to mess up then the termites mesh prevention method because all your doing here is stacking countless rocks on top of each other.