How to Get Rid of Thrips from Garden

How to Get Rid of Thrips from Garden

April 25, 2018 Off By admin

When you ask most people whether they have thrips in their garden they will generally respond with what is a thrip? Most people have never heard what a thrip is or think they have ever seen one. However they are extremely common in North America and at one time or another most gardens must deal with a thrip infestation, whether the grower knows it or not. One reason that many people do not know what a thrip is is because of their size. Even the largest thrips are only about 1/25 of an inch. At an almost microscopic size it can be hard for people to identify exactly what type of bug is terrorizing their garden. However with a little investigative work you will be able to spot the tell tale signs of a thrip invasion and work to get rid of them from your garden.

Thrips are extremely small animals that live off the juices that run naturally through a plant. The way thrips survive is by biting into the plant at certain areas whether it be the leaves or the stem and sucking the juices right out of the plant. They are basically the vampire bat of the insect and plant world. However this could be happening without you even knowing it because of their extremely small size. Therefore to actually know you are dealing with a thrip problem you are going to have to take a good hard look at the plants found in your garden. You should start by taking a look at each plant individually especially those that seem to be wilting.

Because thrips suck the juices out of the plants leaves what will usually happen is the leaves will begin to wilt, almost looking like it is under watered because the thrip is basically taking all the vital juices out of the plant. If the leaves start to turn brown and black, along with almost silver looking streaks you can be quite sure you are dealing with a thrip infestation in your garden and you are going to have to do a little pest control work to get rid of the thrips from your garden. Now there are some things you should know about thrips before starting the killing process. The first thing is that they have very quick reproduction cycles.

This means that two thrips can turn into two hundred in a matter of weeks. Therefore when you start to kill the thrips you must be sure that you get every single one, for even if you miss a single leaf that is covered in these tiny bugs they can regroup and start a full fledge infestation all over again. Now the best way to get rid of thrips from your garden is to remove every infected piece of vegetation from the garden. Leaving the thrip infected plant in the garden can lead to possible transferring of the thrips from one garden plant to another. This is just another food source that the thrips will use to continue to grow and attack your garden all the while continuing to grow in population. Therefore what I recommend is to take out every plant that has possible thrip signs on it and burn it. By burning the plant you are ensuring no thrips could possibly live.

If burning the whole plant is not possible then attempt to remove every piece of the plant that looks like it might be infected. If you are diligent enough you can prevent the spread of these nasty little insects. If you do not want to attempt to remove every last piece of infected vegetation you could attempt to buy some spray from a local gardening store that you can spray onto the plants in order to kill the thrips. These usually work however the only sure fire way is to make sure the plant that is infected is totally removed from the garden. Good luck in getting rid of thrips from you garden.