Five Diet Pills To Avoid

Five Diet Pills To Avoid

August 7, 2018 Off By admin

Weight Loss does not have to be difficult, when you are armed with the basic understanding of how your body breaks down fats and some basic knowledge. But how do you find the right Weight Loss regiment for you, when the internet is filled with misleading information and fake pills and supplements that simply DO NOT WORK? Well do not worry, has a lot of tips for you.

I will provide you with the five most common types of fake diet pills and supplements you should be suspicious of. And you will be in an excellent position where, if you combine taking the proper weight loss pills and begin working out, you will be able to shed those extra pounds in no time! The first thing when looking at Weight Loss supplements that you should be aware of, is they are largely sold without any government regulation and lengthy clinical trials. When you compare all the studies and research that goes into a prescription medicine versus, the production and manufacturing of diet pills you will quickly notice the differences. In the United States, the majority of over the counter Weight Loss products are sold as food supplements, meaning they do not have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Which simply means that you have to be paying attention for products that simply do not work and companies that are only out to take your hard earned money. Here are the five weight loss pills and supplements you should be sure to avoid.

1.Glucomannan: Glucomannan is sold as an appetite suppressant. In a nutshell it’s designed so that your body feels full and you don’t want to eat. However, to date there is no verifiable proof that this particular appetite suppressant actually works. And to make matters worse the Food and Drug Administration’s test on Glucomannan Weight Loss products have also proved to not affect weight loss.

2. Ephedra: Ephedra is an asthma medicine that people found to boost their blood pressure, increase their heart rate and in turn cause them to sweat more and thus lose weight. While the Weight Loss medicine does work, it’s been linked to a number of deaths; due to strokes coronaries and other heart related problems. Even worse, ephedra is a highly addictive drug, and many people who take it can find themselves addicted to the Weight Loss drug. Furthermore, due to the number of heart attacks caused by Ephedra and other related deaths; it was banned in the United States and is illegal to be sold.

3. Spirulina: Spirulina is considered a natural remedy to lose weight. It’s made up of green algae that contain vitamins and fatty acids. While it probably will help to cure common health conditions, and prevent fevers, there is no solid substantiated proof the Weight Loss supplement actually works.

4. Magnetic Diet Pills: Where to begin, just the thought of the product conjures up thoughts of the famous children’s story Jack and the Bean Stalk. Let’s face it, these magical magnetic weight loss pills are about as silly as Jack and the Beanstalks magic beans. These pills flat out do not work, and the Federal Trade Commission even took legal action against the producers of these pills in the 90’s.

5. Weight Loss Shakes: The basic premise behind these weight loss products is you are able to substitute eating a healthy meal for these drinks. However, while some of these products do work, their long term weight loss effects are not proven. Usually as soon as you discontinue taking these products, you start to add on the pounds that you had lost. Furthermore, your body requires certain daily requirements of nutrients, fruits, and vegetables. Robbing your body of these important nutrients and instead replacing them with pills is not healthy.