Computer Repair – Finding, Fixing And Blocking Issues

Computer Repair – Finding, Fixing And Blocking Issues

March 11, 2018 Off By admin

Troubleshooting is one of the most difficult processes in computer repair. It can literally be one of a thousand possibilities and there are often no indicators as to where to look. However, with the right framework in mind, you can narrow it down to several possibilities and maybe fix it, even unknowingly in some cases. This is especially the case in software, where you may know which program breaks your computer, but not how it does. Here are some tips as to what to look for when repairing your computer.


Hardware is usually obvious in its errors, as theyre unique. Computer whose errors are hardware-related will often break in a different manner, such as with a blue screen of death (BSOD) or by simply shutting down. This can result from many things, such as user error like overclocking or component issues, such as aging. Additional problems may arise from incorrect installation, bad computer care (allowing dust to gather). To narrow down the source of the problems, try swapping out components with working ones or by just removing them completely and seeing if the computer will start up.

Software Problems

Software is the biggest problem of all. It can break the computer in a thousand different ways and give you no indication of what it is that causes it. Usually, youll notice most of the problems arise after your last few changes, as it is usually human error. Alternatively, it could arise from viruses, in which case you should consult an anti-virus program. If it is your error, just try to reverse your changes or program installs until youre back at working point.

All in all, if the computer is beyond repair in terms of software, you can always start over with a complete operating system reinstall. This will ensure that your computer is returned to working order and will even restore some performance, as the bloated registry and junk files are removed. Before doing this, ensure that you have the operating system available on a spare disc and a serial key to go with it.