Cockroach Bait Recipe

Cockroach Bait Recipe

May 16, 2018 Off By admin

Cockroaches can be the ultimate house pest. Many scientist have theorized that they may even be able to survive a nuclear holocaust. They are incredibly small and their hard exoskeleton can keep them well protected from even a direct hit from a shoe. If cockroaches are able to gain a foothold in your home you may be dealing with their devestating effects for months to come. They will hide away in the cracks and crevasses of your home and reproduce like bunnies. Most store bought poisons fail to get rid of the cockroaches because the poison has no attractive quality to it.

Think about it, why would cockroaches knowingly walk right through the poison you laid down to kill them. What you must do is create a poison that is hidden to the cockroaches and at the same time attracts them to take it. This is why creating a cockroach trap is very effective at taking care of any murauding cockroaches. Simply put a good cockroach bait inside the trap and the cockroaches will come running to it. However for the cockroach trap to be successful you must have a great cockroach bait. So here is a quick list of some of the best cockroach bait recipes!

The first best cockroach bait recipe is a simple combination of boric acid in powdered form and sugar. Cockroaches are incredibly attracted to sugar, as you probably know from seeing them around your house the cockroaches are all over your cabinets in the sugar. Boric acid looks a whole like sugar and cockroaches are unable to detect the boric acid. Fortunately for all home owners cockroaches are susceptible to the poison found in boric acid. Cockroaches are also very social animals so they share a lot of what they have. So if you lay out this cockroach bait recipe the cockroaches will bring this deadly combination of material back to their buddies back at the nest.

Soon the entire cockroach nest will be feasting on this deadly cockroach bait that you laid out. If your lucky the entire nest will start to eat it before they know something is up, this will assureadly kill the entire cockroach nest that has been plagueing your home. Best yet it is a very cheap method of getting rid of cockroaches especially when you look at the other products that are out there. When you look at the store bought poison that has no attractive quality and is very expensive, then you look at your homemade cockroach bait recipe you see that the cheaper solution is also much more effective.

Now if your looking for a on contact killer then you are going to want to get yourself a spray bottle. What on contact killers do is when you see a cockroach crawling around you will be able to spray this on the cockroach and kill them instead of waiting for them to take some bait. Now in order to create a on contact killer you are going to want to fill a spray bottle filled with hot water. Now all you must do is mix a healthy amount of boric acid into it. Now whenever you see a cockroach crawling around all you have to do is spray this lethal liquid on them and they will die.