Aphids on Hibiscus

Aphids on Hibiscus

June 11, 2018 Off By admin

Aphids go by many names including plant lice. They get this name because they usually attack plants in very large numbers, which resembles how lice attack different organisms. Aphids are drawn to plants because they seek to eat the sap that comes out of various parts of the plants, again much like how lice feast on the blood of their host organism. However unfortunately for your plants an aphid colony if left untreated long enough can end in the death of your plant.

Therefore if you spot an aphid problem it is very important that you take care and perform aphid control before the problem becomes to big and results in the death of your plant. A tell tale sign of aphids is a small white colony of very small, almost pebble looking creatures. For many years now farmers and gardeners have been attempting to fight aphids from their crops. It has been estimated that aphids kill almost 10 percent of crops in certain regions where farming is important. Therefore we will focus on how to get rid of aphids. Specifically we will take a look at aphids on hibiscus plants as these are one of the main plants that aphids will attack.

Well obviously the first step in treating aphids on hibiscus plants is to actually identify that there are aphids on the plant. After you locate that aphids are on your plant it is time to attempt to treat the aphid infestation on hibiscus plants. Lets first take a look at treating an aphid infestation naturally and with a homemade product. There are a couple advantages to using a homemade product when attempting to conduct aphid control. The first of which is that a homemade product is usually much cheaper than going to the store and purchasing a product.

These products can cost as much as twenty dollars a can while a homemade spray will generally be much more cost effective. Another reason is that a homemade spray will generally be much safer for your plants over chemically produced ones that will kill the aphids but also possibly cause damage to your plant and even kill it. One easy recipe that can be used to treat aphid infested plants is adding 2 cups of water and one fourth cup of dish washer detergent. The water is basically just used to dissolve the dish washer detergent and make it easier to apply to the plant.

The dish washer detergent is used to poison the aphids and kill them. If you apply this to the effected area twice a day for about a week you should see the aphid infestation start to die. If however you do not want to you a home remedy for aphids on hibiscus you can attempt to buy a aphid killer from the store. This will generally work much faster than homemade aphid killer. However be sure that the aphid killer says it is safe to use on plants, specifically the hibiscus plant.